– prayer requests –

This will be an ongoing process, so check back and see what there is to pray for! DM me on any of my social media and I will be praying for you on my physical prayer wall and on this prayer request list. Thanks y’all, share with anyone you want to get prayers for!


November 2017

  • School choice/what is God’s plan for me?
  • youtube channel!
  • friends in college
  • self confidence
  • staying POSITIVE
  • unspoken
  • friend’s family and health
  • Haleigh-knee surgery
  • haley-new opportunities
  • keeping up with school work/school in general
  • bible study every day!
  • unspoken friends-body image and sin
  • unspoken-school drama
  • friend dealing with temptation and making bad choices
  • K.E.: ACL surgery
  • The Melton family
  • Vince 🙂
  • Sutherland Springs
  • better focus
  • happy thoughts all around!
  • Lauren and her book
  • l’s mom
  • struggles with school and future paths




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