new year, dld, and more

So. I definitely have some explaining to do. Divine Love December didnt completely work out the way I planned it to, as in I kinda forgot and just didn’t feel like completing it. is going to be a monthly thing now. Divine Love 2018!!! Yayyyyyyy I am so sorry I am absolute trash with finishing things I start. But. I will make up for it, promise!


The new year is upon us! I have made some resolutions and I wanted to share them with y’all, for accountability and just for my own personal looking back thing for this coming year.

  1. Bible study EVERY DAY. I have always tried my hardest to do this in 2017 and I would get on a good streak for a week or two but then again I would fall behind. It was like a cycle for me. This year I plan to make it my top priority to open my bible everyday, even if it is just for 5 minutes to read a couple verses.
  2. Be more creative! I love to journal and use stickers and colour and all that jazz, so for 2018 I want to get my creative juices flowing at least a couple times a week. I have also found journal prompts for every day of the month on Pinterest (I’ll post if y’all want to get into them too, I already got Vince to do it with me!)
  3. Simple. Just love myself more.


2018 will be an epic year for me and I am so stoked for what is to come. Share your New Years resolutions down below, I would really love to hear them! Love y’all and God Bless!


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