divine love december-day six

Hey there, welcome back to dld! Here are the posts you might have missed:

what this all is






And on to our previously scheduled programming..today, I am talking about my person. My OG, my number one gal. She has been my best friend  for almost 5-6 years now. Sarah Michelle Smith, ms salt packet, DJ Fuller, the mom to my toddler alter ego, I could never begin to thank you enough or repay you for how loving, caring, and persistent you have been in the past years of knowing you. We have had our share of bratty moments where we want to kill each other, but you will always be one of my realest and truest friends. I hate being serious, so you better appreciate this…jk. But not really. Thanks for not leaving me when I had sharpie eyebrows, and for inviting me to Hi-Wire at our dance pictures week. God had a huge plan for me and for us, and I am so blessed to know you.

I know that college kinda separated us a little bit and we went through a couple weeks-ish of not talking but we always come back to each other. You are perfectly different from me and we mesh together so so well. There are countless memories I could put in this post and I wish I and the people reading had the time for it, but there is not enough time in the world to mention all the memories and inside jokes and times we have spent together.

If y’all haven’t met Sarah, I feel bad for you. She is hilarious in so many ways but still knows when to get things done. She pushes and encourages you with the perfect amount of sarcasm-always. I can always count on her for fashion advice, life advice, and just to figure out if I am being a brat.

Basically, I love you, brat. Sorry for the feelings. Thanks for being you.


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