divine love december-day five

Welcome to day five of divine love December! (technically post 5 since I had this idea in the almost middle of the month) If you missed the last couple of posts, you can find them down below (including the first post which explains what’s happening for the next month!)

day one HERE 

day two, Rachel

day three, Vince

day four, Kathryn

Today I am highlighting another one of my close friends from junior and senior year, Kenzie Sandel. She is one of the most caring and laidback people I know. I absolutely adore her, and being with her gets me in the best of moods. She is definitely one of the first people I think of when I have cool news.

I also wanted to talk about how proud I am of her. This year has not even easy for her, and you can check out her blog if you want to see what she’s been up to (ask her for the link, I don’t want to put her on blast or anything) she is just the best. I think that everybody needs a Kenzie in their life. She never fails to make sure everybody is good and can always send a good meme when you need one.


Kenzie is one of those people that you can always count on. She is just ready to take you out hiking or anything you want to do. She’s adventurous and is always willing to try new things, and is just someone I love having by my side as I walk through this thing called life. Thanks for being you and for being such an amazing friend. Love you Kenzie, I promise I won’t touch you though because you hate it


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