divine love december-day two

If you are confused what is happening, check out my day one for DLD! DLD explanation


I was thinking of who to highlight for this first post. I only thought it would be fair to shoutout the inspiration for this whole shindig, the one and only Rachel Grismore.

I met Rachel our sophomore year of High School (I think?) we didn’t have any classes together but we probably knew each other off of Instagram or something. Here is our first picture ever taken together.


I didn’t know much about her, but I thought she was cool. It was the typical relationship you would have with an acquaintance at school. However, junior year rolled around and we finally had a class together-health science. It was in that class that I found a forever friend in Rachel P Grismore. I never realized how similar we were and how much fun it was to be around her. Junior year in general was a blast, but she definitely made it worthwhile in class. I don’t really remember hanging out outside of school, but I definitely considered her one of my most closest friends that year. Junior year was not the easiest for Rachel, as she went through one of the hardest deaths ever. I think that going through the same thing the year before really helped me to help her and just relate with her better.

Also, the summer of our junior year, we took one of the best beach trips in the history of beach trips!!! (we all wanted to kill each other by the end of it, but it still holds some of my favorite memories.)

Senior year. Some consider it the most stressful, the year where you find your true friends. This is true for me. I went through a lot, had some ups and downs during my last year of High School, and Rachel truly stuck with me through every single one of them.


Rachel is funny. She is caring, loving, and will go to crazy lengths to make sure her friends are happy. Sometimes we hate each other, but that’s just a thing that happens sometimes. She is somebody I will forever consider my friend. Shoutout to you, walnut.


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