divine love december-day three

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Okay. So, gross, I am posting about my boyfriend twice in one week..this probably came as no surprise to anyone who knows me. No worries, this one will be short and sweet and pretty to the point. With pictures, duh. Our first picture taken alone was when he graduated in 2015, ugh couple goals


Confession time, I have always had a crush on Vince. Pretty much everyone except him knew that, and that is definitely a story for another day…let’s just say he didn’t notice me until I was all graduated and leaving for college (rude?)

One word describes Vince. Selfless. He literally embodies the definition of selfless. Even before we started dating, I always admired how often he put others first. He always focused on the well-being of the younger kids especially and its one of the main reasons I had a crush on him. Not only was he cute, he had some of the best qualities a guy can have.

There was one instance that happened that sucked at the time but makes me laugh now, once I texted him (I think it was my junior year) saying “Hey, Summer said we would be cute together.” For any girl reading this, they are probably thinking oh man he’s gonna get the hint and theres going to be an awkward love story until y’all start dating..but no. Definitely not what happened. He replied with “Haven’t thought about it.” Boom. Ouch. My poor broken little Hope heart.

Fast forward to the end of summer time after my last beach trip as a youth..I realized hey, Vince is cute. He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s mature but can be laidback when he wants to be. I don’t know what cut on inside of me, but from beach trip on, we started hanging out. Our first date (which I was confused if it was a date or not) was mostly spent in Target because I messed up the times for a movie we were going to see and we needed to kill time before Wonder Woman. He made me laugh like nobody else had before, and I just loved being with him. After the movie, we had to go over to a house I was dog sitting for, and when we were inside I realized I (thought) I had left the key in the front door..he came up beside me holding up the keys and said, “Already got them.” Talk about SWOON, I am so forgetful and that one moment stuck with me. After that night, we talked and texted and just got to know each other. The next time we hung out, we went to a local park to walk around and Eno. We watched funny videos all afternoon. I went from my own Eno to sharing his, and oooooooo let me tell you I was freaking out inside.



Fast forward like a day or so..our third date. He told me he liked me y’all. I seriously could not stop smiling. It still makes my heart smile when I realize that he likes me, and he’s dating me. Every day is made better because of him. Moving an hour and a half away from a guy that means so much to me was so hard, and its still not easy at all, but its so worth it. Vince is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and one of the few people I can spend a whole day with and not want to kill at the end of the day. Y’all, GAH I love this guy so much.



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