divine love december-day four

What is divine love december you may ask? well, I will tell you HERE.

Want to read the days before? Here you go! 2, Rachel 3, Vince

For today’s post, I was just kind of going down the list of people I wanted to shoutout and the next on my list is my girl, K Fagan. Kathryn has been one of my friends since 6th grade, but we lost contact over the years until we got to high school. Our story is somewhat like me and Rachel’s, not really having classes together until my Junior year. Then we became close and spent a lot of the summer and our senior year together. Kat is like the mom friend, always taking care of us and paying taxes and buying real houses and stuff like that. Some of my favorite memories of the summer before my senior year were spent at her house, playing super Mario bros and going on random road trips.


Kit Kat, I love ya. Thanks for being you. I love seeing you grow as a person every day and succeeding as much as you are in school. Keep being you. PS YES WE KNOW YOU ARE 19



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