i love you, las vegas


Typically, I do not pay attention to the news. I don’t really like seeing all the destruction happening because of weather, war, and now, weapons. I am not here to debate about whether gun control is relevant or not to prevent tragedies like this, I am just here to dump the contents of my brain out to whoever is reading this.

I first of all want to give my prayers, thoughts, and love to anyone who was affected by the shooting that happened yesterday morning in Las Vegas, Nevada. The victims, their families, and anyone who was there. They have been on my mind nonstop since I found out about the tragedy. My heart is absolutely torn into a million pieces. I have never understood violence in any capacity-where is the need for it? Especially on completely innocent people. The victims who were at that music festival were just looking for fun, and I’m sure something like this happening did not even cross their minds. There is a list of some of the victims’ names, and I wanted to bring attention to them, and ONLY THEM. (I personally do not feel the need to bring attention to the gunman, because it is almost a given that he did such a heinous act to get either recognition or attention.) I want to focus on the innocent lives lost that night.

  • Carrie Barnette
  • Denise Burditus
  • Sandy Casey
  • Austin Davis, 29
  • Thomas Day Jr., 54
  • Christiana Duarte, 21
  • Stacee Rodrigues Etcheber, 50
  • Dana Gardner, 52
  • Angie Gomez, 20
  • Charleston Hartfield, 34
  • Jennifer Irvine, 42
  • Jessica Klymchuk
  • Rhonda LeRocque
  • Jordan McIldoon, 23
  • Sonny Melton, 29
  • Adrian Murfitt, 35
  • Rachael Parker
  • Jenny Parks
  • Lisa Patterson
  • John Phippen
  • Quinton Robbins, 20
  • Rocio Guillen Rocha, 40
  • Tara Roe, 34
  • Lisa Romero, 48
  • Christopher Roybal, 28
  • Bailey Schweitzer, 20
  • Susan Smith, 53
  • Neysa Tonks
  • Michelle Vo, 32
  • Bill Wolfe Jr.
  • Hannah Ahlers, 34


I am not positive these were all the people who passed away, but I know that there were 59 lives lost. Over 500 injured. The biggest mass-shooting in America’s history. Every life lost was a PERSON. They each had a birthday, a favorite colour, they each had their own life built by them. Some of them had kids, some of them were still kids, 20 years old and just getting out of the teenage years, finding out what they were going to do with their life. They had their own trials they went through daily, their own personality traits. And after one night, that was all over for them.

It is so hard to fathom that we live in a world where people open fire randomly on total strangers. It is so hard to grasp. My heart is broken today.


John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

I love y’all. Stay safe.



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