Faith in College

I go to a Methodist College, but that doesn’t mean its going to be easy to keep up with my faith. There are plenty of opportunities to grow in my faith while in my studies, but my mind is still focused on socializing, school work, and getting in sleep when I can.


I’ll be completely real and admit to y’all that being a christian is HARD. Sometimes I would rather take a nap than read my bible. Too much gospel music will cut me off for a while. I don’t pray every morning and night or before I eat. Sometimes I cuss. I like to take shortcuts in how I read my bible and have my bible studies. When I’m busy, I don’t prioritize my time with God. I don’t always wake up sunshiney and happy and ready for the day, even though I wish I could. Honestly, I’m listening to Logic right now as I write this. I consider myself a hypocrite sometimes, trying to judge people who aren’t “perfect christians”, when I am nowhere near being perfect. Nobody is.


I always feel guilty if I go through a day without reading my bible or at least praying. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing. I know that I have a busy life and I have a lot of other things going on, but am I cutting myself too much slack? I know in my head I need to set time aside as often as possible to be with God, but like I said, life gets in the way. Is that a reasonable excuse or is it just me being lazy?


Faith in college-its important. When I spent my first night here, I had no friends and was terrified for the year coming. I prayed to God that night to bring me just one friend, just get me through the night without going insane. I knew I had my friends and boyfriend back in Cola, but it wasn’t the same when I was an hour and a half away from everybody. Thankfully, I did find an amazing group of friends, but what about the people in college who still haven’t found their group, their place? I’ve been thinking about that lately. I know there are some college kids who still just go to the class, maybe the library to study, and then go back to their dorms for the rest of the night. I know because that was me for my first couple of nights. I know because I prayed for God to get me out of that cycle-although it was only for a couple nights, it still wasn’t fun.


College is stressful, and I know that I can’t truly talk yet because I haven’t even been in college for a month yet, but I know that when I get stressed and sad and hurt and homesick, I know that the One True King has got my back. And that is the best comfort I have ever felt. Whatever life throws at you, Jesus has you. Always. Always, always, ALWAYS, y’all. If you get nothing else out of this rambling post, just always remember that you will find your place in God, and living for Him everyday. He has held me through the longest and roughest times, and I know He will be available for any time coming up in the future. Good or bad.


John 16:33 says, I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.

He has overcome the world. No matter what happens, He has it covered. Y’all. That is just..I don’t even know how to put my feelings into words. It’s such a beautiful and simplistic verse full of comfort and reassurance.

Thank you, Lord.



♫ song of the day // everybody by logic


One thought on “Faith in College

  1. Rex Casterline says:

    Hope, all of this is normal. But I will challenge you with this: Imagine that you had an opportunity to spend 30 minutes with your best friend–the one who has been there through it all. And right where you are…at college. And imagine what it would be like if you passed up on that opportunity. And then did it again the next day. What would that relationship ultimately look like? I encourage you to spend time in the Word. See how it may be applied to your life. Encourage others to do the same. And spend time with other Christians. This is how you keep up with your Lord, the One who is always there for you. It’s all about priorities. You’d do it for your best friend. And He is so much more.

    Blessings. I’m praying for you.

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