Happy Sunday everybody! I hope everybody is having an amazing day and evening. I wanted to start off with a huge THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my last blog post and for the kind words you poured out to me. My readers, friends, and family are the best!

Okay, so. AWESOME NEWS! Thanks to my sweet friend Katelyn, who reached out to me yesterday, I am now a Creator for The Odyssey Online community! This is such an amazing opportunity for me, and I am so blessed for God to have presented this for me. My link is and I will be posting at least once every week on there! I will be posting a lot like what I post on here, and it’s super legit with editors and all of those bells and whistles! I am super excited to see where this will take me, and even more excited to take y’all on my journey! God loves you,  and I  love you. Have a blessed rest of your day, and I hope to see you on The Odyssey! (


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