floor sitting

Currently I am sitting on the floor, listening to Twenty One Pilots’ new song, Heathens, while chewing ice. I don’t know where to start with my writing, maybe I should go to the beginning, another rendition of “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in basically a lifetime, I’m tryin’ to do better I promise”, so. I’m sorry. It’s the summer time SO MAYBE I WILL GET BACK INTO THE SWING OF THINGS. MAYBE.

First of all: VBS. This week I volunteered at my mom’s church’s Vacation Bible School, which I have been volunteering as a group helper since 6th grade. This year I helped with fourth graders, aka the best and worst students ever. I got to make a separate blog post for this week because so much has happened!!! To be continued…


Next, Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. This is a super hard time for me kids, so please keep me in your prayers. (Also- my dear walnut friend Rachel sent me this blog  post link this afternoon, and I honestly love it-check it out.  http://thoughtcatalog.com/kayla-hays/2015/05/10-things-girls-who-have-lost-their-dads-want-you-to-know/ )


OKAY so this is a filler post I think so I am gonna go back into the hole. Later, skaters. Love y’all.


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