Hello. It’s been a long while.

I did not write any notes for this or prepare for this post, so I am totally winging it (like everything else in my life), my name is Hope, in case you are totally lost to who just showed up on your news feed.

Wow, I honestly do not even know where to start. When was the last time I wrote a blog post? Hopefully the news of me keeping up with my writing, just not on a blog, will satisfy some of your souls.

I had a birthday, and am now 16. It feels no different. Just a year older, another year down in my life.

South Carolina has been flooding. We have not been in school since Friday, which might not seem like a big deal to anyone or might sound like an awesome thing, but its a constant reminder of the horrific tragedy that has impacted so many people since Saturday night. My next door neighbor’s house flooded, and someone just down the road from me lost not only their house, but everything inside. Everything. Our house was 1 inch away from being flooded….what. Even.

I have been listening to music more often! I found one more thing to be happy about, although I already had tons of things.

I don’t know what else to say.

God Bless,



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