Mama’s Day!

Family has not always been something I like to talk about. It is not something I have always been good at, just because mine is so jumbled up and spread out thin.

Try to keep up with me on this, my biological mother, who I call Lori, lives in Texas. My father, Jeffrey, recently passed away from personal reasons. I have lived with my grandmother since the day I was born, and she has taken on the mother and father role for my whole life, I call her mom and she indeed is my best friend. We argue more than we get along, but nothing can take her place in my life or heart. She takes me to and from dance practices, comps, performances, and whatever else I need. She would go to any end of the world for me, and deserves an island, but all I can afford is a candle, (but in reality I could only afford to make her a card this year) what else can I say, I love my mama. Praying for a stress-free week for everyone, love y’all and stay turnt!


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