2:00AM Writer’s Block

It’s May of 2015 and I feel as if everything is changing around me. The school year is finally coming to a close, and everyone is starting to become lazy and irritable from numerous things, exams, dance performances, relationships, etc. I have not spent as much time in my bible that I used to. After a full night’s sleep I still feel mentally tired and 7 hour school days are trying to bring me down, and I will be honest sometimes they succeed. Thankfully, more often than not I can push through the daily grind with a huge and goofy smile on my face, trying hard to help people and make them laugh their heads off when they don’t even want to smile. I have neglected my writing, but what is new? I hope y’all are well. It is 2:49AM and so I am going to call it for the night. Love y’all to the moon, thank you for bearing with me for the last week of no writing, please be patient with me for this whole month as I have dance performances, exams, and much more! Stay turnt!!!!


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