What is sadness? An emotion? Part of your daily routine? Or, is it merely just a thought at the back of your head? We are all human here, therefore we have all felt sadness. Whether it is something you choose not to deal with, or something you suffer from daily, it’s obviously not a good feeling. I will be honest, I am sad at this moment. I am not 100% sure why, but I am. Can i be super duper honest with y’all? God has got me. If you are sad right now, God has got you too. He will ALWAYS have you, no matter what ‘baggage’ you carry along, there is NOTHING He cannot handle. He can take you as you are, in this moment in time, and make you better. He is EVERYTHING, y’all. I can’t even describe in words how amazing He is. There is not a word to describe it. Your self harm, your suicidal thoughts, your drinking problem, your drug use, your depression, your anxiety, anything you suffer from is NOTHING compared to HIS GRACE! 

I know it is hard. Some days and nights will be harder than the ones before it. They feel unending, hopeless, miserable, you just want to give up. “Nobody will care”, you say. “I will do the world some good.” “I’m not worth it.” “Nobody loves me.” Whatever your late night thought is, read this and know: I CARE! THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! YOU ARE ALWAYS WORTH IT! I LOVE YOU! If you are thinking of offing yourself from this world, before you do, write a list of people you will need to say goodbye and I love you to. Parents, siblings, family members, classmates, teachers, friends, followers on social media, etc. Those are your reasons for living. Those people will be crushed if you leave so early. Those people love you. They care, and they need you. Stay strong fam, remember: I love you, but God loves you more! Stay turnt.


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