Second post today, well dang I am on a roll might I say. By the way, Spotify users: NEEDTOBREATHE’S LIVE FROM THE WOODS ALBUM IS OUT. CHECK IT OUT, YOU WILL SOOOO NOT REGRET IT WHATSOEVER. Anyways. I am at home, obviously. I cut my phone off. I need a break from the outside world, which I guess is also in a way hypocritical for me to say because I am typing to at least like 20 people. But I like to think of this as its own world, where everything is out in the open. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me.

How are y’all doing today? I do not think I have ever asked that in a post before. I always say ‘I hope you are doing well’, which now realizing makes me feel like I am not even really seeing how everyone is. Let’s do something cool. If you are reading this right now: Comment and tell me how your day was, in complete detail. Go as in-depth or as shallow as you want. “My day was good.” or, “My day was good I had blank for breakfast, I wore my favorite pair of underwear, I made a new friend at my bus stop,” Etc. That probably sounds so creepy of me, but here is a fact about me: When I am sad(or anytime), I like to ask people about their days, and how it went in detail. I don’t know why, but that is always how I work. I don’t want one worded answers when I ask in person. Idk why. I am a weird person.

I have a smiley face sticker on my phone, on the front right side of the screen. It is always in view, always there for me to look at. One day my friend came up to me and asked, ‘Is that sticker a reminder for you to smile?’ I laughed and replied, ‘No, I just thought it looked cute, but now I will remember to smile because of your observation.’ #truestory

In my second blog post, ‘Long Posts and Scattered Thoughts’ { in case you wanted to read if ya haven’t already } One of the last things I wrote was to set a reminder to LOVE YOURSELF. Instead of the reminder to love myself, although I probably should do that soon, I set a reminder to SMILE, on something I use daily. I am a super positive person, but sometimes I  can not find a reason to be smiley. But smiley faces, they are always so content with life, all yellow and such. And also the cool thing is, there is such a huge variety of smiley faces, they have emojis with different emotions, different coloured ones, the possibilities are endless! I dunno man, I just love smiley faces.


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