Good afternoon, ladies and gents, hope your day is going well! My name is Hope and I write about my life.

Today was my first day back from Spring Break. Everybody was in a draggin’  mood, and it kinda sucked to see to be honest. I love people, and so being at school makes me really happy (weird, I know). Don’t get me wrong, I try to have a positive attitude as much as possible during the week, but not even the happiest and positive people could make every school day seem all sunshine and rainbows. Teachers, learning, tests, drama, it all comes at once in such a short but forever-long lasting 7 hour school day, and sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed and at some type of standstill. A very close friend of mine suffered through an hour and a half panic attack today, although I did not have a full chance to have a good conversation with her, it still scared me to know she was going through it. It is really off-putting to know that little things like school and mean people can make the happiest and most kind-hearted people break down and be put in such a dark mindspace. I often sit in my classes and think to myself, ‘when am I gonna ever use any of this in life?’ What I have come to notice, you most likely will not, unless you actually work in specific proffesions pertaining to specific lessons being taught in each of your classes, or just a teacher.

I feel so over the place today, but hey let’s justt think that this is a ‘journal entry’ type of thing. Sometimes the ventee needs to vent also.

Here is something halfway interesting: I like a boy. He is tall, and is a boy. So, there’s that.

I am kinda at a writer’s block here, I actually had an awesome idea for a post but of course I forgot it (what’s new?) so ya got me babbling in text for the rest of this. Y’all honestly it feels like this day went by really fast but at the same time really slow. #mylife

Love y’all, sorry today was kinda lame but STAY TURNT!


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