asking for help

Over the past few weeks there have been many public figures that have taken their own lives because of mental illnesses, inner struggles, and personal stress. When news of someones passing makes national headlines, there is an outpouring of support from Instagram and Twitter with captions like "it's ok to not be ok" or "call … Continue reading asking for help


My goal as I am on this beautiful earth right now is for people to see how truly awesome sauce they are, sooo why not make a blog out of it?

a hello

Well, hello. For the thousandth time, it has been long time no talk. Let me update you on my life.   Finals are just about here and I am STRESSED. I have officially finished up my Fall Semester of dance with CCDC. (CCDC=Columbia College Dance Company) Vince and I are doing amazing, thanks for asking. … Continue reading a hello

take it from a suicidal person, it gets better

At the end of the day, you are loved. If you feel that nobody loves you, you got two people on your side. Me, and the Lord. He is the ultimate God to have on your team! The Lord holds and sustains and cares for us like nobody else can. He is always there to speak with on the late nights and early mornings, He is a shoulder to cry on, He is never going to leave you.